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We’re working like a General Contractor: We anticipate your needs and provide competent,

individual advice in order to achieve mature solutions and the best cost-to-benefit ratio.


Usually, there is space for only one favourite.


Imagine you know the emotional form of your customer’s dream brand. You also know

which criteria (value propositions) you need to convince people that your company is this

very dream brand.


By defining the emotional strategy for your brand tailored to the people’s wishes and emotional

needs you may play the right notes on the brand-keyboard to inspire people by ticking

these emotions – your brand become even more memorable.


Multisensual Communication


One sense, 20% impact – 2 senses, 50% impact – 5 senses, 100% impact. It’s worth pushing

open several doors in people’s minds.


Consider that despite this knowledge, 80% of marketing communication is still made for

only one organ: the eyes. By deliberately approaching all senses you may benefit from the

multisensual effect…