Project Financing

  • Recourse Loans
  • Non-Recourse Loans
  • Bank Instruments
  • bycg Funding Programs

We are specialised in delivering a complete financial packages. How a package is put together depends on the following criteria:

  1. status of the company
  2. branch of the company
  3. financing / capital requirements of the company

We have two main approaches:

  • Traditional Debt and/or Equity or a balanced combination of both elements.
  • Utilizing Bank Instruments to secure credit lines or monetization with a nonrecourse program

Banking Instruments

Bank instruments are used for various financial solutions and purposes and issued by corresponding banks.

We offer the following types of instruments:

  • Bank Guarantees – Standby Letter of Credit
    – BG’s/SBLC’s owned
    – BG’s /SBLC’s leased
  • Contract note Standby Letter of Credit
    – DLC’s
    – LC’s
    – SBLC’s for Goods
  • Term Notes
    – MTN’s (FC/SS/S)
    – LTN’s

Most of these instruments can be provided as owned or leased, recourse or non-recourse, depending on the purpose they are going to serve.

bycg Funding Programs

bycg Consulting maintains contact with a network of top bankers, traders and asset managers who act excellently and operate only in their own business circle.

We undertake funding assignments from companies from an early stage position to mature level.

Neither bycg Consulting nor any of its related personnel are brokers, dealers or investment advisers. This website functions strictly as an information-providing vehicle and does not provide any warranties or representations regarding any financial product.

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